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THREATGET installation

THREATGET consists of a server and a client setup. The server is central to the organisation and typically runs Linux. The client must be a Windows Desktop. The client is set up on every user’s laptop.

We assume that the server has already been set up. Either running on AIT hardware on in a corporate datacenter. The setup of THREATGET server is described here.

Required information

You need a few pieces of information to complete the installation successfully. When we refer to these information below we use <information> in the scripts and commands below.

Information Description Origin
<admin-password> Password for the web interface Chosen during server setup
<threatget-url> URL where the THREATGET web interface can be found System administrator of the corporation


THREATGET can only be used with a working copy of Enterprise Architect installed. It will install even if Enterprise Architect is not installed, but there is no way to use THREATGET without Enterprise Architect.

Please obtain an Enterprise Architect license and installation instructions from Sparx Systems.


Navigate in any browser to <threatget-url> and log in with user admin and password <admin-password>. The login button is in the top left corner.

Then click on admin in the top left corner and then click on Enterprise Architect plugin.

There you can download the plugin.


To install THREATGET, you have to run the installation file THREATGET x.y.z.msi.

Installation window of THREATGET

Installing THREATGET is as simple as clicking Next.

** Enterprise Architect(EA) must be closed during an Upgrade **

Once installed open Enterprise Architect to configure the server and to use THREATGET.