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Report Generation

ThreatGet generates a comprehensive report that includes all identified threats detected by the tool. Once the Generate Report button is pressed, the tool will automatically collect all identified threats and generate the file.

An Excel spreadsheet file will be automatically generated and will include details about threats, their category, description, likelihood, and attack feasibility information. The next section includes descriptions of the different sections of the excel sheet.

Report Contens

The file comprises different sections, each providing additional details about the threat analysis process.

Main Page

The main page displays a screenshot of the analyzed diagram, along with the diagram name and the date of report generation.


ThreatGet follows an approach similar to the Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) process according to the ISO/SAE 21434 standard. The TARA section of the generated report includes detailed information about all threats, along with descriptions with highlighting the affected source/target components.

In addition, the report contains all related information regarding risk assessment, including Likelihood, Impact, and Attack Feasibility. It also includes any changes related to the values of Attack Feasibility parameters such as Elapsed Time, Expertise, Knowledge, Window of Opportunity, and Equipment. Additionally, any discussions related to Risk Treatment are included within the report.

Security Concept

This section provides an overview of all security properties and related parameters defined for each system element and port.

Damage Scenario Matrix

This section encompasses all information related to the system's assets, including their Descriptions and Security Attributes such as Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. Additionally, it provides details on Damage Scenarios, including Descriptions, Impact levels, and Categories.

The section also defines the matrix relation between assets and damage scenarios.